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Welcome to CLIMICALS

Welcome to CLIMICALS

Welcome to CLIMICALSWelcome to CLIMICALS

  We aim at reducing GHG emissions from the plastics industry to fight climate change.

We offer efficiency and added value to the market and propose new local circular economy models.

The co-founders

Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.


Founder dans CEO

Passionate about creating value in cleantech markets by unlocking full potential of R&D

Thierry Gervais


Founder and Vice-President

Strongly animated by the idea of protecting the environment through innovative technology.

Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.

20+ years in industrial R&D

 Senior-level leader whose passion for fighting climate change and driving technological innovation in Cleantech is matched only by his dedication to improving people and profits alike for his organizations

Founding member of sustainable energy and CleanTech companies

  • MIR Innovation 
  • AREVA H2Gen 


Judo brought Jérôme a sense of life-long skills development and commitment to excellence

Thierry Gervais

25 years in business development

Specialized in innovative markets of ecological transition

Vice President of the Humaninnov Foundation

Social  innovation foundation developing growth through collective intelligence and the human capital of organizations


Careful & daring!