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Welcome to CLIMICALS

Welcome to CLIMICALS

Welcome to CLIMICALSWelcome to CLIMICALS

Benefits for Climate


Energy Savings and GHG Emissions Reductions

PEF production can reduce non-renewable energy consumption by about 40% to 50%, while GHG emissions can be reduced by about 45% to 55%, compared to PET. With an annual market size of around 15 million metric tons of PET bottles produced around the world, the complete replacement of PEF bottles with PET would save between 440 and 520 PJ of non-renewable energy and reduce GHG emissions by 20 to 35 Mt of CO2 equivalent.

CO2 Capture and Storage

When growing plants capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Some of this carbon is transformed by plants in sugars.

By converting renewable natural sugars into plant-based materials, we actually store what used to be atmospheric CO2 for long time periods in useful materials.

We leave the hard part to Nature, we focus on storing the CO2 into plant-based materials.

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